The power of mediation rests in the hands of the parties themselves - if the parties involved are creative, open-minded and willing to reach a resolution, mediation can resolve age-old disputes in just hours.

  • Is Mediation Right for me?

    The most powerful element of mediation versus litigation is that the parties to the dispute are completely in control of the outcome of the mediation. Which is to say that if all matters to be mediated can be agreed upon by the parties, the mediation can be finalized the same day. Read more...

  • Training

    Our staff of course instructors bring a broad variety of educational, professional and practical experience to our mediator training programs. This approach offers the attendee a diverse group of resources to equip them with the best possible skills as a mediator, manager, attorney, executive, HR professional, pastor, counselor, social worker, etc. Read more about Consensus Mediation Training, Mediation Courses, and Professional Development/Training.

  • Our Mediators

    Consensus Conflict Management & Mediation Services, LLC provides comprehensive mediation services, training and professional development in all parts of Tennessee. Our diverse team and network of conflict resolution professionals span a broad range of professional backgrounds and are located throughout the State of Tennessee. Meet them...

Just a little bit about us

In our efforts to create and promote public awareness about the benefits of conflict management and alternative dispute resolution, Consensus Conflict Management & Mediation Services, LLC is equally committed to providing the very best in professional development training: Tennessee Supreme Court (TSC) Rule 31 Mediator training; and Continuing Education courses (CEU, CLE, CME, CPE, etc.) for attorneys, mediators, teachers and other professionals. In January of 2008, Consensus Conflict Management & Mediation Services, LLC received approval from the Administrative Office of the Courts [Tennessee Supreme Court] to its petition to offer TSC Rule 31 Mediator Training (Family & General Civil Mediator certifications).


  • "The mediator training with Clay was awesome. I view conflict in a whole new light. I was able to go back to work the following week with a whole new skill set that I immediately put to good use. Clay is a dynamic trainer and the role-playing exercises help you grasp content very quickly and concretely. This class was worth every penny."

    Jacqueline "JR" Reid, J.D.
    Research Compliance Officer
    Research Support Services
    University of Memphis
    Memphis, Tennessee

  • "Informative and interactive. Enjoyed the practical approach to the training and walked away confident in my ability to mediate. Learning from the examples of others and Clay, our own trial and error through the role playing and lectures from various individuals in their respective fields made both the Family and Civil Mediation Training a valuable experience and tool to add to my practice."

    Mital D. Patel
    Attorney / Rule 31 Listed Family Mediator
    Knoxville, Tennessee

  • "Having "endured" another training in Domestic Violence a few years ago, I was dubious about taking this course again, but I was pleasantly surprised to find Clay's course informative, interactive, and so applicable to real life DV Mediations. I left the class feeling able, and actually looking forward to, conducting a DV Mediation in a way that would be respectful and helpful to both parties. I would highly recommend Clay Phillips' training to anyone wanting to be an effective mediator."

    Susan B. Orr
    Oasis Center, Mediation Director
    Rule 31 Listed Mediator
    Nashville, Tennessee

  • "I found Clay Phillips and Consensus Conflict Management & Mediation Services to be a very good program of training. I had previously attended other trainings provided from other providers, and found his group to be well prepared and able to provide me with the information that I needed in the allotted time. I would recommend and have recommended others to attend Consensus Trainings."

    Martelia T. Crawford
    Attorney / Rule 31 Listed Mediator with DV training
    Cookeville, Tennessee

  • "This training was an eye opener for me... The classes were presented in a way that broke away old and false concepts and instilled new ideas and skills in a professional and comprehensive manner. As a trained and experienced paralegal I've seen the monetary benefits and emotional relief of mediation for clients, the ability to more quickly resolve cases for attorneys, and clearing the docket for the Courts for years. However, the art of neutrality in an adversarial system was a concept difficult to practice until I received Clay's training."

    Anita Hyche
    Paralegal / Rule 31 Trained Mediator
    Nashville, Tennessee

  • "Clay... thanks for the training. I appreciate your efforts on our behalf, your patience and your talents. I will see you again."

    Joe W. Henry Jr.
    Attorney / Rule 31 Listed Mediator
    Pulaski, Tennessee

  • "The training was an incredible learning experience. Clay is an exceptional and knowledgeable trainer. It was an experience like no other. You will never attend a training that you will enjoy more!"

    Melissa Farrar, LCSW
    Exchange Club
    Director of Victim Services
    Rule 31 Listed Mediator
    Memphis, Tennessee

  • "I've been involved with the court system for thirty-eight years, serving the last ten years as the Clerk & Master for Chancery Court. The Family Mediation course offered me skills to enhance my duties as a Special Master, and as a matter of fact, for other areas of my life. I serve on the Administrative Council of my church and I can see ways that it can be used in that area, as well. I would highly recommend Clay Phillips, who was my instructor, and this class."

    Merry B. Sigmon, Clerk & Master
    Giles Chancery Court
    Rule 31 Trained Mediator
    Pulaski, Tennessee

  • "The mediation training led by Clay Phillips of Consensus Conflict Management & Mediation was both professional and educational. It will equip you with sound communication and mediation skills that will help you excel in business, regardless of your occupation."

    J. Craig Klope
    Masterworks Productions
    Rule 31 Trained Mediator
    Nashville, Tennessee

  • "What a wonderful class. The instructors were more than knowledgeable. Participants are trained to act like a Mediator not an Advocate. Leave your preconceived notions at the door."

    Jeffrey F. McEvoy
    Attorney / Rule 31 Listed Mediator
    Memphis, Tennessee

  • "Clay took mediation training from me, both family and civil, and was an outstanding student. His background in HR and his other work experience pre-disposed him to find a positive way of handling conflict in the workplace. Clay has a passion for mediation. His enthusiasm and marketing savvy have carried him farther and faster than any student I have ever had. He is a credit to the mediation community. I recommend Clay both as an excellent mediator and as a partner for mediators looking for a way to expand their practice."

    Jean Munroe
    President, Jean Munroe Associates
    Attorney / Rule 31 Listed Mediator
    Mediator Trainer
    Knoxville, Tennessee

  • "Clay Phillips and Consensus Conflict Management & Mediation Services provide the best training, practical role play, and question and answer sessions with each minute executed for optimal service performance. The Trainers model high ethical standards required for TSC Rule 31 Listed Mediators. This training enables a participant to provide premium services upon completion of the courses. Clay Phillips has a passion for mediation that remains in the hearts of his trainees forever."

    Felicia K. Burk, M.Ed.
    Behavior Analyst
    TSC Rule 31 Listed Mediator
    Murfreesboro, TN

  • "The mediation courses and Clay himself have helped me gain real experience in courtroom situations. These experiences are helping me launch a mediation career and will easily translate to a law career in the near future."

    Brett Pielich, MBA, Esq.
    Rule 31 Listed Mediator
    Nashville, Tennessee

  • "Clay, it was great to meet you and thanks so much for an insightful seminar. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and the written material was very well organized and will serve as an invaluable resource in my law practice and in developing my mediation style and skills. I would recommend your seminar to anyone interested in the mediation process and its ever growing role in the legal process. Thanks!"

    Karl M. Braun, Esq.
    Hall Booth Smith & Slover, PC
    Nashville, Tennessee

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